Custom-made solid and ancient wood furniture

Raw wood is healthy wood.

Raw wood does not have the disadvantages of barn wood, which is porous and can be infested with mushroom, bacteria and insects.

Another problem of barn wood is that it can be blended with various species of wood. We want each piece of furniture to have an even aspect. Per example, if you want a furniture made of pine, you don’t want to have spruce and cedar through it.

The three main advantages of raw wood

  • We have a wide choice of thickness and dimensions.
  • We know where the wood is from.
  • It is stabilized, oven dried and free of any problem.

Benefit from our knowledge of wood through our fabrication of custom-made furniture, from the very idea all the way to the delivery. Each piece of furniture is made from solid wood according to ancient techniques, with pins, mortise and wooden peg.

The touch of the master-finisher

The craftsman leaves his artistic touch on each piece of furniture by leaving his imprint of originality in the treatment of the shades, the nuances and the colorful touches like casein, a milk protein in which is added color pigmentation that acts like a pore-filler, which protects the furniture and, by the same occasion, gives it a refined look.

Our experience and our talent to transfer the styles to a warm and contemporary setting allows us to meet the standards of functionality and esthetics of our era. The refined look that defines the furniture made by Meubles des Patriotes is a result of the search for details throughout the conception of each piece of furniture, of the discipline in the fabrication and the art applied to the finishing touches that only experience brings.

Wooden furniture built with passion and love, that is what gives character to your home decor.

For more than 25 years, Meubles des Patriotes has been by your side in the realization of all your projects through the large choice of custom-made furniture built in accordance with the traditions. We are specialized in the creation of custom-made furniture, thus simplifying the layout of your décor. Looking forward to meeting you and working with you.

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