Cabinetmaker and Craftsman, Master Finisher & Creatorr

Meubles des Patriotes, a reflection of an historical legacy will lead you to discover the charm, elegance and splendor of custom-made furniture entirely handmade according to tradition.

Since a quarter of a century, in the Old Saint-Rose neighborhood, Laval, 10,000 square feet spread on three floors are dedicated to helping you. The company Meubles des Patriotes has built itself throughout the years by relying on its craftsmanship and its expert workmanship.

Inheritor of the traditional fabrication and assembly methods, Meubles des Patriotes fabricates furniture in solid wood with mortise or tenon joints, as well as wooden pegs. We also offer products from its own line, in order to display our creations. The furniture we create are exclusively sold under our brand. We are proud of the work we do and do not wish to hide it through generic branding. The “Meubles des Patriotes” quality is only found in “Meubles des Patriotes” furniture.


The solid wood furniture, inspired by another era, add charm and warmth to your home and gives it a personal feel by adding a distinct shade of you through your furniture.

What a pleasure to live in a home warmed by the refinement and softness of your furniture.


The refined look that defines the furniture made by Meubles des Patriotes is a result of the search for details throughout the conception of each piece of furniture, of the discipline in the fabrication and the art applied to the finishing touches that only experience brings.

Wooden furniture built with passion and love, that is what gives your furniture character.

For more than 25 years, Meubles des Patriotes has been by your side in the realization of all your projects through the large choice of custom-made furniture built in accordance with the traditions. We are specialized in the creation of custom-made furniture, thus simplifying the layout of your décor. Looking forward to meeting you and bringing your projects and ideas to life.

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