Custom-made bedroom furniture in Laval

For more than 25 years, Meubles des Patriotes has been by your side in the realization of all your projects through the large choice of custom-made bedroom furniture built in accordance with the traditions. We are specialized in the creation of custom-made furniture, thus simplifying the layout of your décor. Looking forward to meeting you and bringing your projects and ideas to life.

Our experience and our talent to transfer the styles to a warm and contemporary setting allows us to meet the standards of functionality and esthetics of our era.

In addition to our bedroom furniture, we offer the NATURA line of mattresses, entirely handmade and proudly created here in Quebec. NATURA offers a natural approach integrating ecological and genuine materials and high-end technology, pledge of quality.

Conceived to favor deep, revitalizing sleep, the NATURA mattresses will allow you to wake up feeling fresh. Better health is guaranteed thanks to the various layers of latex and wool.

From your first visit in our spacious 10,000 sq ft showroom, we are here to listen to you. Inspired by the furniture displayed in our showroom, we can trace the outline of your ideas according to your needs and the type of furniture you desire, like a bathroom vanity, a bookshelf, a television or audio-video cabinet, an armoire or dresser. Wooden furniture built with passion and love, that is what gives your furniture character.

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